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Black Quinoa French Bread

Black Quinoa French Bread

Click here to see How To Shape French Bread Loaves video on our archived Facebook Live Videos page. Print Black Quinoa French Bread Author: Chef Brad   Ingredients 1 cup sour dough starter 2 cups hot water ⅓ cup sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1 cup cooked 

Quinoa, Black

Quinoa, Black

Quinoa is another one of the super grains. It contains more protein than any other grain. In fact, it is considered a complete protein since it contains all eight essential amino acids.

Quinoa is also high in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates than most grains. It is loaded with niacin, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and is high in lysine.

Quinoa will expand to four times its original volume.

The staple of the ancient Incan civilization, quinoa was called “the mother grain.” When planting this highly revered grain, the Inca indians used a solid gold shovel. Quinoa is still used as a staple in South America.

Use quinoa in side dishes, soups, cereals, breads, pancakes, and waffles.

*For nutritional content and recipes see the book “Those Wonderful Grains-2nd Edition,” by Chef Brad

Nutritional Information

Quinoa, Black is a Super Grain so it contains complete protiens
Quinoa, Black is Gluten Free
Fiber Content: 3.0 grams per 0.5 cup


Quinoa, Black Usage

Yeasted Breads
Pancakes & Pastries
Cookies & Treats
Meat Substitutes
Breads & Cakes

Quinoa, Black Cooking Times

Cooking Ratio
Stove Top
Electric Pressure Cooker
Stove Top Pressure Cooker
20 Minutes
6 Minutes
7 Minutes

The Electric Pressure Cooker is Chef Brad’s favorite pan for cooking breakfast cereals. It cooks fast and turns to a keep warm mode. Grains stay hot and in perfect condition for hours when cooked using the electric pressure cooker.

Most grains do well in the pressure cooker. Natural release method is recommended. Meaning after suggested cooking time turn off heat and let the pressure come down naturally.


Recipes Using Quinoa