Gluten free is huge in our culture now, and for me, I cannot understand how everyone thinks its a better option. Most of the gluten free out there is difficult, and far from being a health food. Most of the mixes are filled with garbage and refined sugars. The process according to the world for creating gluten free at home is hard and costly when you start buying all the ingredients needed and use their recipes.

Gluten free can be healthy and cost effective and most important easy. Over the years I have discovered why they do the things they do and the biggest reason is they depend on one flour or two and the ones they use are white, totally stripped of nutrition and fiber. I have discovered that anyone can create great gluten free at home that can taste wonderful and at the same time be good for you.

The trick is a blend of three or more gluten free whole grains blended together and grounded into flours to create a base flour for your cooking. When baking, you need flours that can hold up and some of them just don’t have what it takes to stand alone. So I blend them and I have experienced great success in the process. There is a long list of gluten free grains and I have tried many and love all of them.

My favorite whole grain gluten free blend is equal parts of amaranth, brown rice, and sorghum. I blend them together whole and grind them on my finest setting in my Wondermill.

Here is the recipe

  • 1 cup whole grain amaranth
  • 1 cup whole grain brown rice
  • 1 cup whole grain sorghum
  1. Mix the grains together and grind on finest setting in your WonderMill grain mill. Store in airtight container until ready to use. Use as your flour in recipes.
You can use other gluten free grains for any of the grains in this recipe.


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WonderFlour works in almost any yeast free recipe cup for cup. So you can bake your favorite pastry, brownie, cookies, cake, pancake, waffle, etc and have great success. You can change up the grains to discover what you like best.

List of Gluten Free Grains

Brown Rice

Blending really works, remember a blend of three or more is the secret to success in gluten free baking. Another advantage is when you blend you are adding more nutrition from the different minerals and vitamins each grain has and most important your getting your fiber.

Gluten free can be easy and healthy.

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy.