Rice, White

Rice, White

The traditional bowl of rice is, by far, the most important food in the world today. Half the world’s population eats it three times a day.

Rice is one of the most nutritious of grains, low in fat and sodium and high in fiber. It is composed of about 80% carbohydrates and contains small amounts of protein, vitamin B1, phosphorus, and potassium. Brown rice is more nutritious than white, which is primarily starch. It retains its oil-rich germ and bran and is packed with vitamins. It also contains fiber and protein.

Basmiti rice is a long-grain, aromatic variety. To develop its full flavor, this rice is aged for at least a year after harvest. It doubles its length while cooking.

All types of rice are high-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-sodium foods that supply iron and many of the B vitamins.

Use rice in breads, cereals, side dishes, and soups.

*For nutritional content and recipes see the book “Those Wonderful Grains-2nd Edition,” by Chef Brad

Nutritional Information

Rice, White is Gluten Free
Fiber Content: 1.0 grams per 0.5 cup


Rice, White Usage

Yeasted Breads
Pancakes & Pastries
Cookies & Treats
Meat Substitutes
Breads & Cakes

Rice, White Cooking Times

Cooking Ratio
Stove Top
Electric Pressure Cooker
Stove Top Pressure Cooker
25 Minutes
6 Minutes
7 Minutes

The Electric Pressure Cooker is Chef Brad’s favorite pan for cooking breakfast cereals. It cooks fast and turns to a keep warm mode. Grains stay hot and in perfect condition for hours when cooked using the electric pressure cooker.

Most grains do well in the pressure cooker. Natural release method is recommended. Meaning after suggested cooking time turn off heat and let the pressure come down naturally.