Virtual Cooking Classes with Chef Brad


This free class has ended live stream, we will be posting a link to the recorded class soon. Click here to download the recipes from this class.

Cooking during a Pandemic doesn’t have to be crazy!
I want to help you Take the Stress and Chaos out of Cooking.

How to Take the Stress and Chaos out of Cooking for your Family

I get it! These are crazy times and you want to CONNECT with your family…but the stress is a lot! I have simple answers. I have spent the last 20 years finding simple and healthy ways to help family create true connections around the dinner table.

You have a chance to transform your family right now! And I can make it easy!

Join me for a Free class where I will teach you:

How to cook real food without taking hours and hours.

How to make delicious healthy food that your kids actually eat using cheap ingredients.

The easiest way to get your sanity back and enjoy family dinners.

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I will do this class live at three different times next week.
Get registered and I will send you all the details!
Please invite your friends.

This is the first time I have taught this information virtually but I have been preparing for this situation for my entire career. I am here to help you and I can’t wait to show you how to simplify while serving your family.

We have some Paid Virtual Cooking Series Classes Coming in the Next Week