Monthly Subscription to Chef Brad Virtual Cooking Classes

Monthly Subscription to Chef Brad Virtual Cooking Classes

$80.00/mo for 12 months
Monthly Subscription to Chef Brad Virtual Cooking Classes
Monthly Subscription to Chef Brad Virtual Cooking Classes

Monthly Subscription to Chef Brad Virtual Cooking Classes

$80.00/mo for 12 months
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Join Our Monthly Subscription and SAVE up to $40+

I am thrilled to provide subscriptions for my VIRTUAL cooking classes for adults.  Last year I did over 80 virtual cooking classes.  This year I am on schedule to do even more.  In an effort to keep your prices down I am offering monthly subscriptions.  Our average class price for 2021 is $18.95 per class on the live virtual.  They go up in price on teachable.  This year I am offering subscriptions for $80 a month.  For the minimum of 6 classes per month that is a $40 savings per month.  Adding the free tutorials each month for subscribed members the savings goes up.

6+ Classes Each Month Plus Free Quick Tutorials
This year I am teaching a minimum of 6 classes each month for adults.  For adults, along with the 72 classes I will also be sending out quick tutorials for the subscribed members only.  I have about 20 of those scheduled to come out this year.  The tutorials are not filmed live. They are filmed and posted for free to subscription members.  If you are not subscribed they will be $15. each class.

My classes are packed with information and great recipes.  We have had one year of working on this and we have gotten so much better and are improving all the time.  I love the outline for this year, including guests,  one the road classes, tons of new recipes, and contests for free kitchen equipment.  So join me for a wonderful year full of food, fun, and making new friends through food.



In all my Classes I will share tips with you that will change the way you think about things in the kitchen. From healthy to just easier ways to feed your family, you will always leave feeling your time was well spent.

Upcoming July 2021 CLASSES


July Classes  Summer Salads and Cooling Summer Foods

We are outside a lot and need foods that are easy and taste fantastic.  This month I will be doing great summer salads and Cooling Summer Foods.

Tuesday Night July 6th Summer Pasta 

That perfect pasta salad should be overflowing with flavor and textures and goodness.  Learn some great secrets about creating pasta salads as Chef Brad teaches you several amazing Pasta Salads that you will love and use forever. 

Thursday Night July 8th BBQ Pizza

We love pizza.  Time to move it out side to the BBQ.  And maybe throw some ribs on at the same time.  

Tuesday Night July 13th Summer Grain Salads 

Perfect salads for summer months.  It’s time to start enjoying those melons.  From salads to side dishes and beverages come and enjoy the fun. 

Thursday Night July 15th Smoking at it’s Best

This class is all about appetizers from the smoker.  They can be done also on the grill.  Come prepared for the best stuffed peppers, cheese filled bacon wrapped delights and more. 

Tuesday Night July 20th Pressure Cooker Meals to Keep the House Cool

There is always something  new to learn about our pressure cookers.  I will teach you some really simple fast meals in your pressure cooker that are fast and tasty and keep the house cool.  

Thursday Night July 22nd Breads that Delight 

We are finishing the month up with breads.   Easy simple, but nutritious and tasty breads that all will love and enjoy.   Can we ever learn enough about bread making?

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