Chef Brad’s Premium Sourdough Starter

Chef Brad's Premium Sourdough Starter

Chef Brad's Premium Sourdough Starter
Chef Brad's Premium Sourdough Starter

Chef Brad's Premium Sourdough Starter

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Chef Brad Says: If you have been watching Fusion Grain Cooking on BYU TV, you know I love sourdough starter. My starter is a 90 year old Alaskan starter. It is the best and one purchase will last you the rest of your life. It comes with instructions and you will love what it does for your dough. It is worth the cost and comes with the container you can store it in. I love it and I know you will too! I have used many starters, but this one still is my favorite. Easy to use and yes it does make a difference. Don’t wait, order yours today.




sourdough bread Chef Brad

Once your Chef Brad sour dough starter gets home to you, you will need to increase it’s volume. Add equal parts of water and flour. (up to 4 cups each flour and water) Always be consistent with the types of water and flour used. I use a bromine free white flour and purified drinking water. Remember this is a white flour sour dough starter. To this starter do not add any other kind of flour when replenishing your starter. Mix the flour and water with your starter and allow to sit on the kitchen counter for 8 to 12 hours. (It should bubble.) Keep the starter loosely covered as it sets out. Once the starter is ready place lid on secure and place in your refrigerator.

Please remember that it is not important to use it all the time. This starter will store well for months and months without use. When ready to use remove from refrigerator and use. Often times the starter will separate and often times it looks just like “pond” water. DO NOT THROW AWAY. Simply mix it up and use it. It is still perfectly good. Remember, your starter is a living bacteria and will change from time to time. Relax, don’t worry and don’t throw it out unless it is growing green. Any other time just mix well and use.


sourdough bread Chef Brad

There is one basic rule which must be followed if the starter is to last. Keep it clean. Do not dip dirty spoons in starter. This starter will last you forever. If it turns black and ugly it is still great. The only time it is bad is when it turns a brilliant orange or purple. This rarely happens, so don’t worry. The starter can go for months and months without using, To use simply stir and use. Remember to add equal parts water and flour of the amount taken from your starter to keep it going on.

I would take a cup, once you get it started and place that in a container and put it in the freezer. It will stay good there for years. That way if something does go wrong you have a starter ready to go.

My standard measurement for a starter is one cup. I put a cup in everything from cornbread to pizza dough. It is great. I love adding a cup to pancake or waffle batters, from biscuits to flat breads. It adds great texture to all doughs. It is kind of like a natural dough enhancer.

When using, it’s easy to feed. For every cup you remove, replace with equal portions of flour and water. So if I take out one cup, I replace it with 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup water. I mix it well and place it back into the refrigerator until I use it again. I always make sure I don’t use the last bit, saving it to keep my starter going.

The container it comes in is perfect for storage. It fits well in your refrigerator and seals well. Don’t store it long term on the counter.

This starter works well for traditional sour dough as well. There is a process called a build that you do to build it’s strength over a few days to use it as your yeast. It is well worth the effort and this starter is powerful. You can find the steps for that and many sour dough recipes on my web site.

How To BUILD Your Sourdough Starter
Click here for directions for Building the Sourdough Starter for use as yeast…



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