IN-PERSON Cooking Classes in Orem Utah

IN-PERSON Cooking Classes in Orem Utah

IN-PERSON Cooking Classes in Orem Utah
IN-PERSON Cooking Classes in Orem Utah

IN-PERSON Cooking Classes in Orem Utah

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7pm Classes
July 6th Summer Pasta (+$50.00 per item)
July 8th BBQ Pizza (+$50.00 per item)
July 13th Summer Grain Salads (+$50.00 per item)
July 15th Smoking at it’s Best (+$50.00 per item)
July 20th Pressure Cooker Meals to Keep the House Cool (+$50.00 per item)
July 22nd Breads that Delight (+$50.00 per item)
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In-Person Cooking Classes
at Chef Brad's House in Orem Utah

Now you can attend a Chef Brad Cooking Class IN PERSON at Chef Brad's house, address will be emailed to you after you sign up.

In all my Classes I will share tips with you that will change the way you think about things in the kitchen. From healthy to just easier ways to feed your family, you will always leave feeling your time was well spent.

June 2021 CLASSES

June Classes    BBQ and Picnic Foods

It’s that time of the year when we spend lots of time outside picnicking and BBQ’s.  From salads to breads to meats I will cover a lot this month.  Get ready in June for your 4th of July celebration. 

Tuesday Night June 1st  Chicken

Let’s start with Chicken this month,  Fried, BBQ, Roasted, there are so many ways to do good chicken.   Some great new helpful hints for your summer chicken experiences.

Thursday Night June 3rd  Chicken Salads

 We have made the chicken, now lets use up what we have for some amazing wonderful summer salads.  From pasta to sandwiches, you will love what I will be doing with the Chicken we have already made.  

Tuesday Night June 8th   Sourdough Summer Breads 

You have asked for sourdough so here we go.  Sourdough breads for those perfect burgers, hotdogs, and pulled pork sandwiches.  Get ready for fun. 

Thursday Night June 10th    That Perfect Burger

Burgers are the summer BBQ favorite.   I will teach you how to create the perfect burger whether or not you grind your own or buy pre-made patties I will show you some amazing tricks that set your burgers over the top. 

Tuesday Night June 15th   Pressure Cooker Meals to Keep the House Cool

There is always something  new to learn about our pressure cookers.  I will teach you some really simple fast meals in your pressure cooker that are fast and tasty and keep the house cool.  

Thursday Night June 17th    Breads that delight 

We are finishing the month up with breads.   Easy simple, but nutritious and tasty breads that all will love and enjoy.   Can we ever learn enough about bread making?