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Cooking Classes with Chef Brad

I love doing those personal hands on classes with small groups where one can really connect and learn.  When it comes to food there is always more to learn and always something exciting to discover. 

When we moved to Utah my wife looked specifically for a home with a second kitchen where I could do what I love most,  teaching and cooking.   I question at times doing classes in my home.   The questions are always in regard to value vs. cost.   To do what I love to do does cost.  I don’t like cutting corners and making due.  When I teach a class I believe it going all out and making sure the experience is the best and those attending are changed. 

Having said that my classes are not the typical $25 a class.  There is a place for those, but this experience is of a greater value.   Just know that when you come to one of these hands on personal classes you will have an experience that I feel will change the course of your culinary world. 

Listed below are a few options. I hope to see you at one of my classes.  I promise you a great experience in food, fun, and education.

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Option #1
Classes at Chef Brad’s House in Orem Utah

$50 per class – Click Here For Schedule & REGISTRATION

Option #2
Private Hands on Class with Chef Brad

One on One.      $1400.

This class is an 6 plus hour class that includes a mixer, pressure cooker, and other kitchen items, including cookbooks and tools.   From baking to pressure cooking you will have a great foundation for a new start in your kitchen and you get to take home all the food. 

Option #3
Private Group Hands on Class with Chef Brad  

Maximum 6 persons  Minimum 2 persons   $1100 per person

This class is a 6 hour plus class that includes mixer, pressure cooker, and other kitchen items.  Including cookbooks, recipes, and tools.  Lunch is included and lots of fun, food, and education. 

Option #4
Small Group Cooking Classes 

Maximum 12 persons  Minimum 6 persons  $150 per person

This class is a 2 plus hour class with specific recipes.  Includes recipes, apron, fun, food, and education.  Topics to be decided.

Option #5
Small Group Cooking Classes Hands On

Maximum 6 persons Minimum 2 persons  $300

This is a 2 hour hands on class with specific recipes.  Includes recipes, hands on experience, food, fun, and education. 

Options #6
Three Day Cooking Experience

Maximum 6 persons   Minimum 2   per person $3500

This is the ultimate Chef Brad Experience.  This is best for those who are far away and want a life changing experience.  This event will start on a Thursday morning and end Saturday afternoon.  The price includes a mixer, mill, pressure cooker, your choice of attachment for the mixer, cookbooks, and lots of extras that you will love.  Also included are amazing shopping sprees and culinary adventures.  So much to do and so little time. This is a great class for a mother and daughter experience or a sister weekend.  The days  and times are flexible. 

I will customize any class  or cooking event to fit your needs.  From numbers attending  to topics you want to cover.  From budget to travel.  You can contact me with your ideas and we can start planning your Chef Brad Experience.     Make sure you get me newsletter,  I will be posting classes that will be open for registration.