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It is amazing have Chef Brad in our home for the home events! His enthusiasm for health and cooking with grains is contagious. He is entertaining as well as informative. We have learned so much from his classes that have helped us have healthier eating habits. We have enjoyed his friendship over the years since first having him in our home. It is truly a “Chef Brad experience” when he comes.
OdaLisa and Jim Nelson
Riverside, CA

Review from the Wilson Food Critics:
Having Chef Brad really was a life-game changer! It was a pleasure to have in our home and to learn from such a passionate, skilled Chef. One comment that was said over and over again was- “I can do that!” Chef Brad is very adept at teaching “formulas” instead of just following a single recipe. One formula can be expanded into many different creations to tantalize your taste buds! He also explains the why and how of the chemical reactions so one knows how to have success. My family loves grains, but we had no idea just how many different ways they could be served. Chef Brad put flavors together that we never would have imagined and they were fabulous. This opportunity has given us license to create beyond what we thought possible!
Eric, Amy, Katie and Kirsten Wilson
We LOVED having you. Thank-you for blessing our family!

A Chef Brad Event is a life-changing, three-day event that will change your life forever. A Chef Brad Event can happen in your own city and even in your own home!
You can even attend the “Chef Brad Super-Charged Event” in Arizona at Chef Brad’s home!

At Your Home Chef Brad Event:
Chef Brad will come to your city and put on a three-day cooking series that will change your life forever. In this series he will offer classes that you can invite your friends and neighbors to! You will enjoy classes from bread-making, to grains, to pressure cooking, to a hands-on cooking dinner party. With three classes a day for 3-4 days you will experience LOADS of learning and fun!

Chef Brad Super-Charged Arizona Event:
If you come to Arizona the event is smaller (only 6 to 8 people). This event is very hands-on and personal. From cooking to shopping, you will have Chef Brad for three days of nonstop fun and learning!

What Does A Chef Brad Event Cost?
For the in-home events classes range from $35 – $50 per person. Discounts are offered when you sign up for multiple classes.

For the Super-Charged Event the cost ranges from $1500 – $2000 per person. The cost includes all meals, gifts, training, and much more. This event can be privately booked for your group or family.

How To Book A Chef Brad Event
It’s easy! Fill out the form. Chef Brad will get in touch with you and you will be on your way to experience a Chef Brad Event!

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