Chef Brad’s Favorite Bread Pans (4 Pack)

12 inch Bread PanThese dark narrow bread pans are a favorite of Chef Brad’s. The narrow pan allows the bread the support it needs to rise with out caving. It is a dark and a great conductor of heat to brown the bread evenly. The pan is corrugated for the best heat distribution. It has a nonstick surface for easy removal of your baked goods.

8″ Bread Pan:
7 oz, 4.5″W x 3″D x 8″L (1.5lb loaf)

10″ Bread Pan (OUT OF STOCK:
8 oz, 4.5″W x 3″D x 10″L (2lb loaf)

12″ Bread Pan:
9 oz, 4.5″W x 3″D x 12″L (2.5lb loaf)


Why Is The Right Bread Pan So Important Video:

Measuring Dough Video:

8 inch Bread Pan