Sprouted Barley Instructions
Author: Chef Brad
  • 1 cup seed*
3 cups cool water (60-70 degrees)
  1. Put seeds into a bowl or jar with water.
  2. Mix up seeds to assure water contact for all.
  3. Allow seeds to soak 6-12 hours.
  4. Empty seeds into your sprouter draining off the soak water.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to drain.
  6. Set anywhere out of direct sunlight and at room temperature (70 degrees is optimal) between rinses.
  7. Rinse and drain again in 8-12 hours and continue to do so until desired sprouting size and taste is achieved. This will take 2-5 days.
Recipe by Chef Brad America's Grain Guy at https://chefbrad.com/2015/11/sprouted-barley-instructions%e2%80%a8/