Cooking Classes With Chef Brad

Cooking Classes with Chef Brad

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New Class Policy

With everything going on now I will not be scheduling classes in the near future unless appointments are made.  I will be available for classes for small groups with scheduled appointments.   Ten or less persons and you will need to be considerate of others by making sure you are all in good health.

Charges for these classes will be from $50 to $100 per person depending count and menu.  You can click on the link below and request information.

This will most likely be an on going policy for classes.  It makes better sense for doing them if you bring your group.   I have found that families and friends love this type of experience.

I am looking forward to seeing in my home and am looking forward to planning more Chef Brad Events in the Future as things settle down.

Thank you so much.

Chef Brad

Chef Brad’s House in North Orem

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The Value of a Chef Brad Class

A recent conversation prompted me to write down a few thoughts about my classes vs. other cooking classes. I charge $40 a person per class at a Chef Brad Event. I have priced classes at other venues and they start a lot higher and often only offer selected items and the class is done.

A Chef Brad class in not only about cooking, It’s a class about life style, health and wellness, and education. I take time in each class to instruct about each ingredient and each process so that when you leave you not only know the recipe you have a greater understanding of the process and the ingredients.

The added benefit is of course the food. Normally there are minimum of 3 recipes and often times it goes up. I have a hard time deciding what to teach so I just keep adding.

For me offering a quality life changing experience comes first and foremost. Yes I do this to make a living, but I never compromise the experience for the dollar I could save.

I work hard creating fun things to offer at the events and the WonderMill company has been amazing in giving away a mixer at each event for some one. For each class taken, you get another chance at winning. The value is far beyond the money charged. A Chef Brad Event is a life changing experience. Each one is different and even if you think you might know something, with food there is always something new to learn.

So join me at a Chef Brad Event and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Chef Brad Events and Learning Opportunities

Chef Brad’s Events and Learning Opportunities are designed to “Change your life forever”.  This statement is not made lightly.  Chef Brad has been teaching classes for the past 30 years and earned a reputation of knowledge and insight in regards to cooking healthy, but tasty foods.  His style in teaching is so comfortable that you leave knowing that you can do it.   His ease and insight leave you feeling empowered and enlightened in ways that you never have possible realized.

Each one of these events are designed to teach you in such a way as to address your own personal needs,  from selected classes to a complete Chef Brad at home experience, you make the choice.

Chef Brad offers a complete guarantee on his classes.

Hands On Dinner Parties

Over the years Chef Brad has done multiple hands on dinner parties.  It really is the best things he does.  Chef Brad creates the menu and sets the stage for your guest to have an amazing culinary event.  He arrives early and prepares stations for your guest and when they arrive the fun begins as they, your guest create a wonderful dinner experience.   From beginning to end this experience is amazing.

Price for a hands on Dinner Party is $3,000.00 maximum 50 persons

Home Event   Chef Brad Event
Health and Wellness

This event takes place in your home.  It is a three to four day event where you host Chef Brad in your home and invite anyone you want for classes.   The schedule usually involves two to three classes each day.   Each class is about 2 hours long and the amount of persons attending totally depends on how many you can comfortably accommodate in your kitchen.  Usually twenty persons in each class is a comfortable amount more depending on your comfort.

Each class is filled with food, instruction, and of course lots of eating.   Chef Brad supplies recipes, and ingredients for all items taught.    Chef Brad offers free tuition at each class for one person who is willing to help prep and clean up after the class.

The cost for reach class is $40 to $50 person.   There is no charge for the Host for classes and for this year Chef Brad is offering the Host a complementary Wondermill and Wondermix for hosting Chef Brad in their home.    Also for all who attend there will be a drawing for a Wondermix.  For each class purchased they can put their name in the draw.

The first step in planning an event is to contact Chef Brad at   to select a date for your event.  After a date is selected Chef Brad designs a series of classes to fit the needs of your community and friends.  A complete outline of each of the classes  is sent to you before the event is scheduled for your approval.  After your approval of the classes Chef Brad will post all the classes on his web site and promote them.

In addition to the in home classes Chef Brad offers to do a community class at no charge.  This involves a church, women’s club, or community group.   Usually these classes are designed to teach and help women understand the role in feeding our families in today’s hectic world.  Usually this class is scheduled at the beginning of the series. This class in can be tailored to meet any need and mixed group.  Chef Brad will gladly create a class to fit your specific need.

Price for Chef Brad Event is minimun of $5,000.00 for entire week.  It requires 125 paid classes combined.

Personalized Event
Health and Wellness

This event is designed for a small group.  Four to six persons is ideal.  This is more hands on event really designed to totally change your food habits,  from shopping, cooking, eating, and any other food related need you might have.

This Event is perfect for a family, close group of friend, mother and daughter group or couples that want change.   This event is completely designed to change the course of your eating  and food habits.

As stated, Included in this Event is how to shop.  Shopping is vital to Health and Wellness.  From learning how to read a label to choosing the right fruits and vegetables.

Seasoning and creating foods that are healthy and tasty are utmost in creating a kitchen of Health and Wellness.

The event is small in order to offer the best learning environment, hands on.  Chef Brad understands the impact of doing can have.  The entire purpose of this event is do help you get control of your eating habits again.

Recipes and menu is designed to your personal needs.   From gluten free to weight loss issues, Chef Brad will design a program just for your needs.

Chef Brad will travel anywhere in the United States for this event.

This is a two to three day event depending on the needs of the persons attending.

Minimun $3,000.00

Food Service Event Consultation

This Event is designed for the Food Service Industry,  from small businesses, caterers, personal chefs, cafe’s, to large food and beverage establishments.  Chef Brad had a long history in the Food and Beverage industry.  He has owned and operated his own catering business and cafe’s.  He has been a food consultant for years and has a proven track record.

This Event includes:

Menu design.   How to design a menu that is perfect for your customer needs.  How to price and how to create menus that are reflective of your personality and what you offer.

Recipe Design.  How to create recipes that inspire and are easy, yet pronounce a knowledge of what you do and who you are.

Food Health and Wellness.  Health and wellness is desired in today’s food market. Few understand just how to incorporate Health and Wellness in  foods,  especially foods that taste great.  Chef Brad understands just how to accomplish that.  This event will include a very in-depth session on flavoring, from spices  and herbs to salts and sugars.

Plating and Presentation.  This is a critical part of food.  Learning how to present the foods you prepare in a way that excites the imagination and starts the mouth watering before tasting the foods prepared.

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