Chef Brad’s Basement Bakery in Orem Utah

During Covid I opened up a bakery to make ends meet. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways. My love language is sharing food and it was a wonderful time to share my passion of baking with so many. We were greatly blessed by all who came and bought my breads.

I have to say I did it without all the licenses required, but in my defense it was not possible to even get one at the time. Most goverment agencies were closed down and Cottage Licences were not a prioity to anyone. So I eventually closed to be on the safe side of things. I recently, and it took some time, have received all my inspections and licenses to open my bakery up totally legal. So I am ready to start selling my baked goods again.

I do have some concerns. They are my fears of not selling any and being tied down to having to be open all the time. So I decided to step over my fears and move forward with a different outlook. I will be opened at least 2 to 3 days a week. I do have other obligations that I will have to meet, but when I am home I will have the bakery open. I will only bake what I can sell any given day. Pre orders are highly recommended. When I sell out I will close for the day. I will post daily on Instagram my breads for the day.

Come quickly

The first 50 guests get a free cookbook.

Operations hours are:
8 am to 12 noon (or earlier if sold out)

596 E Meadowlark Road Orem Utah

Days may change. Follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

Parking on the East Side come in the back of the home for the Bakery entrance. There will be a sandwich sign out when the bakery is open.

Special Orders are welcome. 48 hours notice. Breads, cakes, pasteries, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Breads Offered

Sweet Potato ~ Potato Bread ~ Feta Olive Loaf ~ Raisin Cinnamon Bread ~

California Walnut Bread~ Italian Herbed Bread ~ Rosemary Black Pepper ~

Sour Dough White ~ Sour Dough Whole Grain~ Sour Dough Chocolate Nut Bread ~ Sour Dough Burger Buns~

Ministering Loaves ~ These are small half loaf size, perfect for sharing and they are available every day the Bakery is open.

Specialty Sandwich Artisan Breads~ These buns are Chef Brad Signature Breads made for that perfect sandwich.

Each Day Chef Brad will post the breads offered for the following day. You can reserve orders at ……….

Contact Chef Brad at the Basement Bakery at ……….

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