Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends

Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends
Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends

Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends

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European Breakfast Blend 1.5 oz (+$12.00 per item)
Creamy Dressing Blend 2.5 oz (+$12.00 per item)
Southwest Smokey Chili Blend 2.5 oz (+$12.00 per item)
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Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends $12 each or $120 for all 10 blends.

I created these blends to have high quality fresh blended herbs to meet my everyday cooking needs.  I can do most of my cooking with this collection of 10 spice blends.

I am passionate about flavor and fresh herbs and spices for cooking. I have found that it is the first taste of food that our families and friends put in their mouths that determine if they are going to like what we cook or not. If the seasonings are old and flavorless that first impression is going to be off. If they are fresh and pop the taste buds the first impression is amazing and you will come off the culinary expert.

Most of us have saved herbs and spices for years. We are frugal and want to save money. Did you know that you should rotate your herbs and spices at least yearly. I have a practice that I do to make sure my spices are always fresh. About once a year I take out all the over-sized containers of things I have purchased that are getting old and some that I know I am not going to use. I place them all in a bowl and add brown sugar mix them up, and create my own rubs. I often give this out as a Gift.

Fresh spices are essential for a great culinary experience. I wanted to create blends that are packed with flavor. Blends that are unique and excite the imagination and really add to your recipes.

Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends are amazing. Each one is unique and different and I promise you will love them. I have eight to start my collection and I will be adding new blends when ever I feel inspired to create.

The Blends have recipes and cooking ideas on the back of the package and there will be recipes here on my site using the blends.

Enjoy Chef Brad ~ Master Culinary Spice Blender


Creole Blend 1.5 oz
I love Creole Food, from rice dishes to sea foods. This blend was inspired by the recipe on the back of the package. A wonderful sautéed shrimp and butter dish that is served with rice or you can eat the shrimp and dip bread the sauce. It’s spicy fun, not to hot, but packed with flavor. The different peppers used add depth and dimension to the overall flavor is this new blend. Creole Blend is a spicy blend of oregano, basil, thyme, pepper, onions, garlic, cayenne, chipotle, aleppo, and smoked Spanish paprika, finished off with Himalayan salt.

Fragrant Italian Blend 1.5 oz
I love Italian foods. I love the aroma and taste. This blend is packed with so much flavor. It is perfect for sauces, meatballs, pizza sauce, and anything that you want an Italian flavor that excites the taste buds.
Fragrant Italian Blend is a perfect combination of oregano, marjoram, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, onion, fennel, chili flakes, and parsley. Salt free.

European Breakfast Blend 1.5 oz
This was inspired by my love of potatoes. I love breakfast, I love a breakfast that is full of flavor. This blend is perfect for potatoes, eggs, sausages, and any other things your imagination can conjure up. This blend is also amazing with fish and vegetables.
European Breakfast Blend is a delightful blend of dill, tarragon, lemon, thyme, parsley, black pepper, and Himalayan Salt.

Creamy Dressing Blend 2.5 oz
I love ranch dressing, not the horrible bottled version, but a dressing with a fresh blend of herbs and spices. As I was creating this blend I listened to my intuition and added my own version of spices. When I made it up to try the first time I was astonished at how well it worked. It has a slight floral hint that I absolutely love.
Creamy Dressing Blend is a wonderful blend of basil, lavender, (yes lavender), lemon peel, thyme, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, anise, cloves, black pepper, coconut sugar, and Himalayan Salt.

Southwest Smokey Chili Blend 2.5 oz
I live in the Southwest. I love the flavors of the southwest and with this blend I wanted to express my love of the flavors of the southwest. This one is special. Filled with the aromas that you remember. It is wonderful in many foods from tacos to beans, from salsa to Spanish rice it really is a reflection of the southwest.
Southwest Smokey Chili Blend starts with Mexican oregano with the amazing aroma of smoked Spanish paprika, roasted chile peppers, cumin coriander, garlic, salt, and nutmeg.

Black Bean Blend 2 oz
The Cubans and Brazilians make the best black beans ever. In fact there is not an evening meal where they don’t serve black beans and rice, it is a staple. Black beans and rice is one of my favorite meals. This blend in fact is one that I created years ago after spending a lot of time in Miami Florida. It’s my first culinary blend.
Black Bean Blend contains Onion, oregano, chile powder, pepper, coriander, cumin, rosemary, garlic, dry ham soup base, and salt.

Rosemary Pepper Medley 3 oz.
One of my favorite breads is filled and topped with rosemary and pepper. This blend is perfect for breads, pasta, gravies. I love flat breads topped with this blend. It is also great with poultry and pork.
Rosemary Pepper Medley is a perfect blend of fresh ground pepper corns, coriander, and rosemary.

Salt and Pepper Medley 3 oz.
This blend is delightful. Nothing like a well seasoned pepper. I love this in my mashed potatoes. The smell alone makes your mouth water with anticipation. It’s really wonderful.
Salt and Pepper Medley is a blend of fresh ground pepper corns, coriander seed, thyme, and Himalayan salt.

Rocky Mountain Steak Blend 2.5 oz.
I love red meat. Nothing like a well grilled steak or even a pan fried steak cooked to perfection. This blend was created by special request of my wife. She does not eat meat, but loves a good steak seasoning. So I wanted to create something that was smokey and flavorful. This will work as a rub, perfect for burgers, and even a sprinkle on hot dogs.
Rocky Mountain Steak Blend is a smokey salt blend of smoked cherrywood salt, fresh ground pepper corns, thyme, ancho chili, yellow mustard seed, and sugar.