WonderMill Electric Grain Mill

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WonderMill Grain Mill
Why Chef Brad Loves the WonderMill:

The Best Electric Mill on the Market!

“This is the grain mill that I use for my day to day milling. It is super fast and it is just built right. I have used many different grain mills in the past and none of them match up to the WonderMill (some come close, but not quite). If you are going to mill flour on a regular basis, then this is the mill to own!” -Chef Brad


Here are a few things that make WonderMill the Best:

Super Fast
Turn on the WonderMill, pour in the wheat and you get about 5+ cups of flour every minute it runs, with no effort at all. This makes it easy to mill flour anytime you need it.

Powerful Quality Motor
At 1250 WATTS, it has the most powerful motor of all the Micronizing mills on the market. The motor is also made by LG Electronics, a leader in small quality motors, so you know its not a cheapo China motor. This motor will outlast other grain mill motors on the market, especially when milling continuously.

Less Mess
Many mills leave flour dust to clean up when you are done milling, but not the WonderMill. It runs very clean.

Very Versitile
This mill can grind many different grains and they even have a website (willitgrind.com) that shows you what you can mill and recommendations for milling certain items. There are many times I experiment with small grains and they even have an attachment that makes that process easier. You can mill most wheats, grains, beans, and many other dry items.

Customer Service
When there is an issue with the mill, the WonderMill Company takes care of you quickly. The mill comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

WonderMill Specs:

  • 1250 Watt motor
  • Hopper capacity = 6 cups
  • Flour Canister Capacity = 15 cups
  • Machine weight = 8 lbs
  • Fine to Coarse adjustment knob
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty