Virtual Cooking Series Classes with Chef Brad

We are in a state of change in our culture.  I have been teaching for years about using grains and pressure cookers.  Baking breads and gathering as families.  These classes will change the way you do things and if you have taken a class from me in the past you know that I make it easy and doable.  I look forward to this opportunity to teach you and help you discover how to manage at this time in our lives.



Classes in October



Kids Classes Available in October

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In all my Classes I will share tips with you that will change the way you think about things in the kitchen. From healthy to just easier ways to feed your family, you will always leave feeling your time was well spent.


October Live Classes

Fall Cooking Series
Tuesday Evening Classes 7pm MST

In this series we are doing some wonderful old fashioned dishes along with some great ideas for holiday cooking.  These classes are packed with information and fun.  Come and enjoy some great guidance and direction in your kitchen. 

Pressure Cooking Fall-Chicken Pot Pies
Tuesday October 6th

Double crusted Chicken pot pie that can be made ahead and frozen and a great way to use up that extra turkey in November.   From the crust to the filling, bring joy to your family.

Winter Chicken & Dumplings
Tuesday October 13th

An old favorite modernized.  Using the instantpot/pressure cooker you will love this recipes.  Along with other fun things Chef Brad will be teaching.

Winter Shepards Pie
Tuesday October 20th

Shepards pie will be the focus, but added with be some fun ideas for other great fall meals.

Potato Side Dishes for the Holidays
Tuesday October 27th

It’s that time to start thinking about those wonderful holiday meals.  This class will cover amazing potato dishes for the holiday.  You will love the recipes and how easy they are to make.


Bread Making for the Fall Series
Thurday Evening Classes 7pm MST

Can you ever learn enough about making bread.    Three wonderful bread classes.  One of  the things I have learned is that with bread there is always something more to learn. 

Cardamon Fruit Bread
Tuesday October 15th

This is an amazing bread and the class comes complete with some really nice spreads.

Rustic Breads
Tuesday October 22nd

Rustic breads with a wonderful pumpkin twist.  Yes it is pumpkin season.  Learn the art of making those rustic crusted tender breads.

Tuesday October 29th

Sourdough just keeps getting better and better.  I am always learning new things and can’t wait to share with you what I have been learning.



Archived Classes

If you missed our past classes you can buy and watch the archive classes on our page.

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September Tuesday Live Classes

Tuesday Evening Classes 7pm MST

Night in India
Tuesday September 1st 7pm

From rice to some amazing naan bread you will love this class.  I have had the pleasure of learning from an amazing Indian Friend.  The recipes are easy and amazing

Night in Mexico
Tuesday September 8th  7pm

Can we ever get enough Mexican food.  This class will be a wonderful class on enchiladas, rice, and side dishes.

Night in Italy
Tuesday September 15th 7pm

Do you know how to make risotto?  My risotto is amazing along with other amazing  pasta Italian dishes.  Come and learn.  Great Italian bread will also be taught.

Cheese Cake Clinic (Holiday Class)
Tuesday September 22nd  7pm

You have been asking and here it is.  Cheese cake clinic.  From the even method to pressure cookers, you will love this class.  I have worked on cheese cake for years and you will love it.

Cinnamon Roll Clinic
Tuesday September 29th   7pm

I make amazing cinnamon rolls.  You will learn different methods and amazing fillings the will delight you and all who enjoy them.  Remember there is always something new to learn.  When it comes to cinnamon rolls I am constantly looking and learning to improve what I do.


August Live Classes

Tuesday Evening Classes 7pm
Soup & Bread 4 Part Series

In this four class series I will be using the Pressure Cooker/Instant Pot doing a new soup each week and a wonderful new bread. You will love the soups and breads and other helpful pressure cooker and bread making hints you will learn. Time to gear up for the fall season. Each class will be totally different and educational.

Tuesday August 4th 7pm
Soups and Breads Series Class 1

This class you will learn how to make Tortilla Soup and a wonderful Mexican bread called bolillos. You will enjoy the extra Chef Brad Tips.

Tuesday August 11th 7pm
Soups and Breads Series Class 2

In this class you will learn Chile and an Native American Fry Bread or Scones . Not the British variety, but the traditional American style.

Tuesday August 18th 7pm
Soups and Breads Series Class 3

In this class you will learn all about bean soups, From a wonderful Brazilian to American style. The Bread will be a wonderful “Pan de Agua” This is a very south American style bread.

Tuesday August 25th 7pm
Soups and Breads Series Class 4

In this class stews will be the topic along with some really nice corn breads. Stews can be so easy and fast with a pressure cooker or instant pot, and nothing is better than a great corn bread.


Thursday Evening Classes 7pm
Health & Wellness 4 Part Series
“Chef Brad’s Whole Grain 31”

This is a new series. This series is my Version of Whole 30. Whole 30 is a diet plan to loose weight. That version will does not allow grains at all. I created one with whole grains, all you can eat, and it works. You not only loose weight, but you create a new lifestyle with whole grains. Weight loss is not the ultimate goal of this series, but better health and a lifestyle change are the end result of this amazing series. In this series you will receive a weekly meal plan with recipes and how to do make a lifestyle change in your life. Come and join and invite those that would benefit from really coming to understand how to get control of their lifestyle.

Thursday July 30th 7pm
Free Virtual Class Health and Wellness Chef Brad’s Whole Grain 31/Lifestyle Journey

In this free virtual class Chef Brad will outline his Whole Grain 31. You will learn all about how to access your needs and what goals you need to set. In the Series you will receive detailed menus for each week and open questions are answered. This is an amazing way to do this Health Wellness Journey. Come and join me as I will be doing all if it at the same time you are.
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Thursday August 6th 7pm
Part One Health and Wellness

Part one will focus on Breakfast foods that make a difference in your life. How to make them and what to eat. You will have guidelines for all the weeks but in this week I will be working on breakfast first.

Thursday August 13th 7pm
Part Two Health and Wellness

Part two will focus on lunch foods. How to eat a healthy middle of the day meal to help you keep up with the rest of the day. You will love the ideas presented this week for lunches.

Thursday August 20th 7pm
Part Three Health and Wellness

Part three will focus on Dinner Foods. Eating a well-balanced dinner that will feed your body and mental. It is easier than it sounds.

Thursday August 27th 7pm
Part Four Health and Wellness

Part four will focus on snacks and treats. We love them and want them, but do we really need them and if we do can we do it in a way that helps us maintain our health and wellness. I will teach you all kinds of great snacks and healthy sweet options to keep you happy.


July Live Classes

Tuesday Evening Classes 7pm

Tuesday Evening Classes are cooking classes complete with recipes and great training for your cooking experience.

Tuesday July 7th 7pm
Herbs and Spices

This class will focus on cooking with herbs and spices.  From infused oils to making your own blends.  What to use and what works best with what dishes.  You have tons of questions and need answers, come join this virtual class for a great experience.

Tuesday July 14th 7pm
Pickling and Fermentation

This is a wonderful class for July.  Fermented foods are optimal health and so easy to do.  Check out the links on the link page for the equipment you will need for this class.  You will love my fermented salsa recipe.  Amazing. You might want to get this Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit.

Tuesday July 21st 7pm
Beverage Clinic

I have a formula for beverages.  From this formula you can do so many wonderful beverages.  Also I will teach you simple syrups for your own Italian sodas and more.  Perfect summer class.

Tuesday July 28th 7pm
Sausages and more

Making sausages is not as hard as you would think.  You will love the sausages and with in this class I will also be teaching healthy bars and snacks. Meat grinder attachment.


Wednesday Morning Classes  10am

Wednesday Morning Classes this month are of an educational source.  There will be recipes to go with the topic of the day.  These classes are designed to educate and inspire you on cooking better no matter where you are on your journey.

Those Wonderful Grains
This three part series will break down the grains into three classes.  In each class you will learn the history, nutrition, and how to use in your everyday cooking.  Along with that I will be doing a recipe using the grains discussed that day.  The nice part is that you will have this class as a reference for years to come.

Wednesday July 8th 10am
Those Wonderful Grains I

The bread grains will be discussed in this class.  From wheat to spelt and all the gluten grains used for bread making.  You will love the information and the understanding you will gain.   The foundation for health and wellness will be taught in this class also.  Not fad diets, but practical information that keeps you strong and healthy.

Wednesday July 15th 10am
Those Wonderful Grains II

The super grains will be discussed in this class.  All the grains that are perfect proteins packed with nutrition for you.   History, how to use, and how to cook them.  Also in this class salts  and sugars will be taught.  You will love the information.

Wednesday July  22nd 10am
Those Wonderful Grains III

All the grains missed in the first two classes will be covered in this class.  Rices, corns, and so much more.  This is the final class  so all with be brought together with a wonderful discussion on oils.  What to use and what to avoid and what works best with what.

Wednesday July 29th 10am
Using Essential Oils in Cooking and Wellness

This class will be a wonderful class on essential oils.  How to use Doterra essential oils in the kitchen.  We have all heard the healthy benefits of using them, but do you understand just how amazing they can be in the kitchen.  Adding depth and flavor to so many dishes.  You will be amazed and realize you have really been missing out on some amazing kitchen experiences.


(past) June Live Classes

Evening Classes

These classes last 1 hour each and include recipes and links to products. I am so excite about this series. So much to learn and I promise you will be so happy to have taken these classes. Your Kitchen will never be the same.

Tuesday June 2nd 7PM
South American Fiesta

Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot recipes from Arepas to Rices and Beans. Some really great meat dishes and more. Learning how to maximize your cooker with easy family pleasing foods.

Thursday June 4th 7pm
Whole Grain Bread Making

Next level bread making. Whole grain sour dough and whole grain sandwich breads. Learn the formula for whole grains and how to make them eatable and a treat for your family.

Tuesday June 9th 7pm
Summer Salads

Pressure cooking and Instant pot recipes really can help in creating great summer salads. Also a great lesson on making salad dressings that your family will love and so will your tastebuds and body.

Thursday June 11th 7pm
Art of Making Rolls

Making Rolls is an art form. Rolls that melt in your mouth and please everyone. Some great new recipes that you will love and so will your family and friends.

Tuesday June 16th 7pm
Bottling and Canning

Before the fall season starts now is the time to make some plans. From wonderful sauces to my personal Rague recipe you will be very prepared for the bottling and canning season coming up.

Thursday June 18th 7pm
Pizza Clinic

We can never learn to much about pizza. This class will be a wonderful class on doughs and toppings and how to do pizza outside on your grill, pizza oven, or smoker.

Tuesday June 23rd 7pm
Easy Pressure Cooker Summer Meals

Simple recipes for the summer months. Less time cooking, more time enjoying the summer season. From quick meals to easy ideas on using your cookers to create more.

Thursday June 25th 7pm
Stuffed Breads

Have you ever had stuffed French Breads and stuffed potato pie. From the dough to the stuffing you will enjoy this amazing fun filled class.

Tuesday June 30th 7pm
BBQ and Grilling 4th of July Favs

Right before the holiday season come and learn how to put on that perfect holiday meal. From the beverage, side dishes, and main dishes complete with amazing ideas for the perfect forth of July meal. You will love the watermelon ideas that puts watermelon on a whole new level.


Wednesday 10am Morning
Simply Easy Cooking Virtual Series

Bread and Sandwich Series $50 for the total series or $15.95 each class. In this series I will teach you a wonderful bread in each class and a sandwich to go with that bread from start to finish. You will love the breads and the tips for the sandwiches. Fast and to the point.

These classes will include recipes and links to products. These classes will be more focused on one theme and teach you hints, background information, etc.

Wednesday June 3rd 10am
Classic Rye and Ruben Sandwich

Don’t be afraid of the rye. It’s the caraway seed that gives the rye that distinctive flavor and you don’t have to add it for an amazing bread. The Ruben Sandwich I will teach you will take you on a culinary adventure.

Wednesday June 10th 10am
Rosemary Black Peppercorn and BLT Sandwich

You haven’t had a BLT until you have had it prepared on this amazing bread. The bread and the BLT will leave you breathless.

Wednesday June 17th 10am
Sweet Potato Bread and Tuna Salad Sandwich

This bread is so tender. It makes the best sandwich ever and my tuna salad is over the top amazing. Whether you like a tuna melt for just a wonderful tuna salad sandwich you will love this class.

Wednesday June 24th 10am
Ginger Golden Raisin Bread and Chicken Salad

This bread makes the best toast ever and the filling for chicken salad is to die for wonderful. Add quinoa and you have a perfect sandwich.



(past) May Live Classes

Tuesday May 5th Cinco de Mayo 7pm

Get ready for my Mexican Adventure, using the pressure cooker/instant pot I will teach you some amazing recipes to add to your family favorites. I am part latino, my heart for south of the border food. Also in this class the best flour sourdough tortillas ever, and some amazing salsas.

Thursday May 7th Gluten-Free 7pm

From amazing gluten free bread, burger buns, and pizza dough you all love everything else I will be teaching. This class will teach you just how easy gluten free can be.

Tuesday May 12th Bottling Meats 7pm

Ok this class is the perfect class for anyone who has a pressure cooker or instant pot. So simple and yet so important. If you bottled three bottles a week of some sort of meat in just six months you would have over 70 jars of meat in your pantry. Think about that. From chicken to ground beef you will love this class. And included are recipes for some great foods with your bottled meats.

Thursday May 14th Pizza Clinic 7pm

You might think you got the pizza thing covered. But trust me this class will open your eyes to a whole new world. From sauce to dough and new methods of doing pizza your family will love that you took the time to take this class.

Tuesday May 19th Soup Clinic 7pm

In this class I will teach you some basic formulas for absolutely amazing soups. Using your instant pot or Pressure cooker for hot soups and your blender for cold you will enjoy what you learn.

Thursday May 21st The Ultimate Sandwich Clinic 7pm

My best Quote ever, “Change the Bread, Change the Spread, Change the Experience”. We all get into sandwich ruts. This class will be about breads and spreads. Not the normal sandwich bread, but breads that change will your world.

Tuesday May 26th Breakfast Foods 7pm

From waffles to crepes and other fun ideas for breakfast. You will love this class. It’s all about eating a nutritious delicious meal to start the day and I know just what your family needs. Something that is healthy, but taste outstanding.

Thursday May 28th The Best Burger Clinic 7pm

I love a great burger. One that is dripping with flavor and has a bun that is not filled with chemicals. In this class we will start with the bun and not just any bun, but ones filled with flavor. Like my bacon/green onion bun and after we master making buns we will move on to the burger and the spread. You are in for a treat and to top it off I am teaching you how to make homemade tater tots. Yes you read it right. Tater Tots. See you soon.


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Dotera Class
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Summer Salads
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