Virtual Cooking Series Classes with Chef Brad

We are in a state of change in our culture.  I have been teaching for years about using grains and pressure cookers.  Baking breads and gathering as families.  These classes will change the way you do things and if you have taken a class from me in the past you know that I make it easy and doable.  I look forward to this opportunity to teach you and help you discover how to manage at this time in our lives.

8 May 2020 Classes Now Available


Includes FREE access to the archive video after the live class is completed.

In all my Classes I will share tips with you that will change the way you think about things in the kitchen. From healthy to just easier ways to feed your family, you will always leave feeling your time was well spent.

Tuesday May 5th Cinco de Mayo 7pm

Get ready for my Mexican Adventure, using the pressure cooker/instant pot I will teach you some amazing recipes to add to your family favorites. I am part latino, my heart for south of the border food. Also in this class the best flour sourdough tortillas ever, and some amazing salsas.

Thursday May 7th Gluten-Free 7pm

From amazing gluten free bread, burger buns, and pizza dough you all love everything else I will be teaching. This class will teach you just how easy gluten free can be.

Tuesday May 12th Bottling Meats 7pm

Ok this class is the perfect class for anyone who has a pressure cooker or instant pot. So simple and yet so important. If you bottled three bottles a week of some sort of meat in just six months you would have over 70 jars of meat in your pantry. Think about that. From chicken to ground beef you will love this class. And included are recipes for some great foods with your bottled meats.

Thursday May 14th Pizza Clinic 7pm

You might think you got the pizza thing covered. But trust me this class will open your eyes to a whole new world. From sauce to dough and new methods of doing pizza your family will love that you took the time to take this class.

Tuesday May 19th Soup Clinic 7pm

In this class I will teach you some basic formulas for absolutely amazing soups. Using your instant pot or Pressure cooker for hot soups and your blender for cold you will enjoy what you learn.

Thursday May 21st The Ultimate Sandwich Clinic 7pm

My best Quote ever, “Change the Bread, Change the Spread, Change the Experience”. We all get into sandwich ruts. This class will be about breads and spreads. Not the normal sandwich bread, but breads that change will your world.

Tuesday May 26th Breakfast Foods 7pm

From waffles to crepes and other fun ideas for breakfast. You will love this class. It’s all about eating a nutritious delicious meal to start the day and I know just what your family needs. Something that is healthy, but taste outstanding.

Thursday May 28th The Best Burger Clinic 7pm

I love a great burger. One that is dripping with flavor and has a bun that is not filled with chemicals. In this class we will start with the bun and not just any bun, but ones filled with flavor. Like my bacon/green onion bun and after we master making buns we will move on to the burger and the spread. You are in for a treat and to top it off I am teaching you how to make homemade tater tots. Yes you read it right. Tater Tots. See you soon.

Classes Coming Soon

Summer Salads
Biscuits and Gravy
Einkorn Class
Doterra Essential Oil Cooking Class
French Breads and Stuffed Breads
Bottling and Canning
Indian Foods
Potatoes in the Pressure Cooker
and more.