Pantry Membership

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The Chef Brad Pantry Membership is an exclusive club for those that love grains and the power of them. In this club you will get discounts, first views of videos, and private Pantry only recipes and information. Pantry Newsletters where Chef Brad will keep you updated on things that are going on in the Crazy World of Chef Brad.

Coming up will be “Chef Brad’s Jump Start to Nutrition” and for the Pantry members this will be free. The normal cost for the program is $99 and will be packed with information on Health and Nutrition.

The purpose of the Pantry is to stay connected and receive updated materials first hand. With Chef Brad joining forces with the WonderMill and WonderMix team things are only getting better and the Pantry is coming to life.

Coming this fall will be Face to Face video chats with Chef Brad for Pantry Members. Stay tuned for the great adventure.