Modesto California Cooking Class Registration

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Classes for November 15th – 18th 2017 in Modesto, California

Come Hungry to learn and eat. Chef Brad’s Classes are packed with information and learning. Each class there will be plenty to eat, recipes, door prizes, plenty of time for questions and answers. A Chef Brad Event is really a life changing Experience. The is Chef Brad’s personal guarantee.

Location for Classes:

The Home of Mark Buckley
2300 Steinbeck Drive
Modesto, CA 95356
(corner of Lighthouse/Steinbeck off Bangs Avenue)
Cell: 209-480-8070

Co Hosting this event is Karen Dufresne
Her Contact Number:
Cell: 209-484-1471

Class Available:

Wednesday November 15th Classes

10am Those Wonderful Grains $40
No matter how much we think we know there is always something more to learn. This is a great class to take to build the foundation for all the other classes. So much to learn and so little time. Great recipes and food to be eaten.

2pm Baking the Chef Brad Way $40
This class will be about holiday baking. Baking the foods we love for the holidays but adding some nutrition, he he, to some things. Other things should be left alone. Whole grains can really make a difference.

5pm The Magic Soup Pot $40
Magic food is what this class is all about using the Pressure Cooker. Always new and exciting recipes that ignite your imagination and set your taste buds dancing. The Pressure Cooker really is the magic soup pot.

Thursday November 16th Classes

10am Breakfast Class $40
The perfect crepe, the perfect omelet, the perfect breakfast. Come and learn how to make breakfast more exciting and yes healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Lots of recipes and lots of fun.

1pm Featuring Gluten Free /Wheat free $40
Gluten free or not this class is a must for learning how to bake wonderful baked goods that will keep your family singing and happy. Time to get rid of the white flour and up the game with whole grains.

6pm Mexican Fiesta $40
From great salsa to wonderful tortillas you are going to love this class. South of the border right here in you city. This class will help you discover new flavors and new ideas for adding fun to your culinary world.

Friday November 17th Classes

10am Bread Baking 101 $40
We are baking breads and rolls in this class with an emphasis on Holiday Breads and rolls. The holiday season is just around the corner and this class will give you new ideas and recipes for your holiday feast.

1pm Bread Baking Class 102 $40
More baking, more recipes and ideas for adding variety to your baking world. this class will include pizzas, pita breads, and bagels.

6:30pm Dinner Party $45/person or $80/couple
I love this class. It is a culinary experience like non other. This is an Italian Dinner Fiesta style hands on dinner party. All attending will help prepare a wonderful Italian style meal from appetizers to dessert, you will love this experience. Salads, breads, pastas, and more food than you can eat, but will try.
Saturday Classes

Saturday November 18th Classes

9am Pie Clinic $40
Hands on Pie Clinic. Bring two pie pans, two quart jars, an apron and desire to learn. Just in time for the holiday season. Pies and a few extra’s that you will just have to come and see what Chef Brad is up to.

9am Bread Baking 202 Sour Dough $40
This will be a hands on baking class. Chef Brad’s cinnamon rolls. Bring jelly roll pans or cake pans and one loaf pan. Bring an apron also. It will get messy.
(This Class has been rescheduled to 9am and combined with the Pie Clinic due to a family emergency requiring Brad to leave early)

The Value of a Chef Brad Class

A recent conversation prompted me to write down a few thoughts about my classes vs. other cooking classes. I charge $40 a person per class at a Chef Brad Event. I have priced classes at other venues and they start a lot higher and often only offer selected items and the class is done.

A Chef Brad class in not only about cooking, It’s a class about life style, health and wellness, and education. I take time in each class to instruct about each ingredient and each process so that when you leave you not only know the recipe you have a greater understanding of the process and the ingredients.

The added benefit is of course the food. Normally there are minimum of 3 recipes and often times it goes up. I have a hard time deciding what to teach so I just keep adding.

For me offering a quality life changing experience comes first and foremost. Yes I do this to make a living, but I never compromise the experience for the dollar I could save.

I work hard creating fun things to offer at the events and the WonderMill company has been amazing in giving away a mixer at each event for some one. For each class taken, you get another chance at winning. The value is far beyond the money charged. A Chef Brad Event is a life changing experience. Each one is different and even if you think you might know something, with food there is always something new to learn.

So join me at a Chef Brad Event and I promise you won’t be disappointed.