Mealthy Pressure Cooker / Multi Pot


Many of you know my deep love and affection for pressure cookers. I cannot imagine life without having one. Actually without having a few. Life is just better with a good quality pressure cooker in the kitchen.

As in all things, pressure cookers are not all created equal. I have tried them all to be sure of the brand I love and recommend. And to be honest if I am going to recommend something it has to be quality and do just what I tell you it will do. I have upgraded over the years, and often times it is due to the product dropping in quality.

Many of you know for the past few years I have loved Fagor. Sometimes good things come to an end, and Fagor is no longer a company. But do not fear, Mealthy has taken the front seat for Pressure Cookers. Before I would even begin to recommend a product I have to try it out and try it out and try it out again. Mealthy has passed with flying colors. It has become my new favorite. I actually looked at a lot of pressure cookers, and this product comes in first place with me. It is heavy duty and so user friendly. I cannot say enough good about this cooker. I love how with my style of cooking in never burns and maintains its constant heat.

Mealthy also makes an Air Fryer lid that will work on any pressure cooker >>