Classes In Chef Brad’s House (North Orem Utah)

Cooking Classes in Chef Brad’s Home in North Orem

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August 29th
September 12th


3 Classes To Choose From Each Day

My home in North Orem is ready now for classes and I am offering a wonderful summer series of classes almost every other Thursday. Three classes in one day. You can take all three or just one. The classes are about 2 hours long and are packed with food, fun, and lots of information.

The titles seem the same and they are, but in each day and week of classes all the recipe will be different. So when you see bread making it will involve yeast and rise breads. Baking will be baked goods from cakes to cookies and pastries and more. Pressure cooking will always involve the pressure cooker or InstaPot. Fun creative recipes that will inspire you. Remember each class will be different. Each week will have all new recipes.

I keep the groups small to allow for a more meaningful experience. So sign up early and be ready for a great learning experience. And if there are specific classes you want send me an email and I will schedule one.

Fall Cooking Series

Are you ready to up the game. From bread making, baking, to pressure cooking, get ready for Chef Brad’s Upcoming Classes. You will learn and rediscover the joy of cooking. Chef Brad’s Classes are held in his home in Orem Utah. Come and enjoy and see what Chef Brad will be cooking up for you.

August 28th Thursday

10:00 am Bread Baking. New recipes and great new breads to discover. No matter where you are on the bread making scale you will love what Chef Brad teaches in his bread class. Flat breads and fresh herbs will be the topic.

2:00 pm Baking at its best. Wonderful baked items to warm your kitchen and heart. Learn all about muffins and breakfast foods. From waffles to crepes.

6:00 pm Pressure Cooking/InstaPot is the big thing now. Are you using yours right. This is Mexican themed class, from rice to pulled pork and lots of other things that will delight you.

September 12th

10:00 am Bread Baking. No matter how much you bake there is always something more to learn. This baking class will focuses on gluten free. Tell your friends. Gluten free dinner rolls that will rock your world and burger buns and more. Come learn the secrets of gluten free.

2:00 pm More gluten free. Baking, making the perfect cookies and treats you will love. Gluten free has never been better or easier than a Chef Brad Gluten free class.

6:00 pm Pressure Cooking/InstaPot there is much to learn. Soups and Stews will be the top of the list in this class. Creamy wonderful stews and soups that are just in time for the fall season.