Alaska Cooking Class Registration


Classes for May 10th – 13th 2017 in Kenai, Alaska

Come Hungry to learn and eat. Chef Brad’s Classes are packed with information and learning. Each class there will be plenty to eat, recipes, door prizes, plenty of time for questions and answers. A Chef Brad Event is really a life changing Experience. The is Chef Brad’s personal guarantee.

Bev Winegarden/Aurora Kleinschmidt are the Contacts for this event Alaska
Bev’s phone number is 907-740-8474

home of Lyn & Rosanne Carlson
44421 Lake Vista Dr
Kenai, Alaska 99611

Wednesday May 10th Classes

10am – Those Wonderful Grains $40.00
This class is my favorite one to teach. I love the grains and love teaching about how great they are and how fun they can become. Grains are amazing and there is so many options out there these days that make it fun and doable. Come and learn how to incorporate grains in your diet for a healthier happier lifestyle. It’s easy and OHHH so tasty. Great ideas and the food is amazing.

1pm – Bread Baking Class I $40.00
Bread making is easy and fun. If you are not having fun you’re doing something wrong. And there is always something new to learn about bread baking. I have been baking bread since I was a lad and still love to bake bread and love to teach others the joys of baking. In this class we will do Potato bread, flat breads, and lot’s more.

7pm – Pressure Cooking 101 $40
How do you live without a pressure cooker, come and find out what you have been missing and if you already own one, come and learn more things you can do with it. I adore them and the more I use it the better it gets. From Beans to potatoes and so much more. Chef Brad’s never fail formula for pressure cooker meals in minutes. Absolutely you will love this class. Turn in your crockpot, you will never use it again. Foods are faster, tastier, and easier in a Pressure Cooker.

Thursday May 11th Classes

10am – Breakfast Class $40.00
Breakfast could be the most important meal of the day if you do it right. Throw away the packaged foods and learn how easy you can create a healthy breakfast that gives you energy and vitality all morning long. I love breakfast, from muffins to waffles and quick meals in the pressure cooker.

1pm – Comfort Foods $40.00
Our families love comfort foods and lets face it they are going to eat them. Come and learn a whole new way to bake. Cookies and cakes can taste great and at the same time be healthy and not taste healthy. If our comforts foods taste healthy we have gone to far. This class with deal with gluten free and wheat free baking. Wheat free, gluten free will be discussed in this class.

7pm – Advanced Pressure cooking $40
Pressure cooking just keeps getting better and better. Come and learn more how to optimize you pressure cooking experience. You can never learn to much. Meats and beans and so much more are waiting for you to discover how to make them.

Friday May 12th Classes

10am – Hands on Bread Class $40.00
Learn the techniques for sweet rolls, rolls, French Breads and so much more. This is a hands on class so you get the feel and touch of the breads and doughs you are making. Bring an apron and a couple of cake or jelly roll pans.

1pm – Magic Soup Pot $40.00
More education on grains and the many uses. This class will cover all the grains and history and great cooking tips and even more information on how to use grains in your diets. All the stuff we didn’t get to do all week we will cover in this class.

6:30pm – Friday Night Dinner Party $50
This is an amazing event. I personally love doing this style of class the most. It’s so much fun and the food is over the top wonderful. Don’t be discouraged about the price, you couldn’t go out for dinner anywhere and get this type of experience and this quality of food for the price. Always this is the favorite class. It’s a hands on event where you get involved and enjoy preparing the food and making friends.

Saturday May 13th Class

10am – Bread Baking II Sour Dough $40.00
This class is for the the adventurer bread baker who is ready to tackle fun breads rather then just loaf breads. Be ready for an amazing experience filled with fun and great food. Stuffed Pies, Rosemary Black Pepper Rolls, and more.

The Value of a Chef Brad Class

A recent conversation prompted me to write down a few thoughts about my classes vs. other cooking classes. I charge $40 a person per class at a Chef Brad Event. I have priced classes at other venues and they start a lot higher and often only offer selected items and the class is done.

A Chef Brad class in not only about cooking, It’s a class about life style, health and wellness, and education. I take time in each class to instruct about each ingredient and each process so that when you leave you not only know the recipe you have a greater understanding of the process and the ingredients.

The added benefit is of course the food. Normally there are minimum of 3 recipes and often times it goes up. I have a hard time deciding what to teach so I just keep adding.

For me offering a quality life changing experience comes first and foremost. Yes I do this to make a living, but I never compromise the experience for the dollar I could save.

I work hard creating fun things to offer at the events and the WonderMill company has been amazing in giving away a mixer at each event for some one. For each class taken, you get another chance at winning. The value is far beyond the money charged. A Chef Brad Event is a life changing experience. Each one is different and even if you think you might know something, with food there is always something new to learn.

So join me at a Chef Brad Event and I promise you won’t be disappointed.