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Upcoming Classes


Date: Tuesday, April 3rd (FREE Class)

Location: Tabiona Community Center: 10 North Main Street, Tabiona, Utah 84072

7:00pm-Finding Joy in Meeting Our Families Spiritual and Physical Needs

This class is a spiritual feast about the the importance of spiritual and physical nourishment for our families. All who attend will leave feeling uplifted and inspired, filled with a greater desire to care for the deep spiritual and physical needs of their families.


Date: Wednesday-Saturday, April 4th-7th 

Location: The Home of Heather Rhoades: 38637 West Tabby Lane, Tabiona, Utah 84072

Several hands-on classes to choose from each day.
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Date: Saturday, May 3rd 

Location: Kitchen Kneads in West Jordan:
7579 South Redwood Rd | West Jordan UT 84084

6:00 PM Class
Chef Brad comes again to teach all about many things. Come and learn all about Fermentation, from pickles to Kombucha and Chef Brad will be teaching you a wonderful Cuban Style sandwiches and salads. Come hungry ready for great food and knowledge.


Date: Saturday, May 4th 

Location: Honeyville in Ogden:
1040 West 600 North | Ogden, UT 84404

11:00 AM – Bread Baking Class
There is always new stuff to learn when it comes to bread making and with Honeyville’s great products combined with Chef Brads knowledge of baking great things happen. In this class Chef Brad will also share dry mixes for baking, from cookies to cornbread.

2:00 PM – Pressure Cooker Fun
Pressure cooking is great and easy. Foods taste better and are always faster. New pressure cooker recipes from amazing potato dishes to pasta. Come hungry and ready to learn.

  • For pricing and registration Call Honeyville Ogden at (385) 374-9490 or go to

Date: Saturday, May 5th 

Location: Kitchen Kneads: 3030 Grant Ave Ogden Utah 84401

10:00 AM-Kombucha & Fermentation
Fermented foods are so amazing for out bodies. From pickles to beverages they add much needed pro biotics to our bodies, aiding in digestion, and really over all health and wellness and on top of that they taste great. This class will be amazingly fun and perhaps send you on a new journey in your health and wellness.

1:00 PM-Cinco De Mayo Mexican Fiesta Class
Ok, are you ready for this class. From salsa to the best rice and beans ever. Taco Salad like never before and lots more.


The Value of a Chef Brad Class

A recent conversation prompted me to write down a few thoughts about my classes vs. other cooking classes. I charge $40 a person per class at a Chef Brad Event. I have priced classes at other venues and they start a lot higher and often only offer selected items and the class is done.

A Chef Brad class in not only about cooking, It’s a class about life style, health and wellness, and education. I take time in each class to instruct about each ingredient and each process so that when you leave you not only know the recipe you have a greater understanding of the process and the ingredients.

The added benefit is of course the food. Normally there are minimum of 3 recipes and often times it goes up. I have a hard time deciding what to teach so I just keep adding.

For me offering a quality life changing experience comes first and foremost. Yes I do this to make a living, but I never compromise the experience for the dollar I could save.

I work hard creating fun things to offer at the events and the WonderMill company has been amazing in giving away a mixer at each event for some one. For each class taken, you get another chance at winning. The value is far beyond the money charged. A Chef Brad Event is a life changing experience. Each one is different and even if you think you might know something, with food there is always something new to learn.

So join me at a Chef Brad Event and I promise you won’t be disappointed.